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Alison Tyler

Alison’s favourite position during sex is cowgirl and she enjoys if the man is convinced and moves rough.

She’s really tall woman and was chubby in her teenage years. She was able to eliminate weight but her breasts stayed saggy so that she did a plastic surgery.

Alison has had over five years experience in acting in pornography films, so that she knows a thing or two about what makes sexy content.

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After her on social networking, notably Snapchat, you may find yourself at how great she’s at generating this kind of adult content.

After her buddy put Alison connected with a service, it was all up hill in their and Alison immediately climbed to fame.
As an outdoorsy woman, she actually loves that type of camping with tent on the floor without a showering for 5 times.

She loves hiking. She likes to paint, especially oil painting.

With more than 6 years at the adult entertainment sector as a pornographic celebrity, because age 19, Alison Tyler Snapchat is filled with sexy movies and pictures.

Alison first got into porn when she began having trouble with cash and invoices, and she had a buddy that was in the adult company and asked her for guidance.

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