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Paradoxically, due to the manner Silvia Saint retired in phases, there was confusion regarding whether she was actively producing porn movies.

The award is generally reserved for celebrities who professions have finished, but Silvia won it was very busy in Prague.

By way of instance, she had been given a lifetime achievement award in the Torino Gender affair in 2005, Turin’s next yearly Delta of Venus Fair.

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Additional pornstars may rely upon stone or ink to pay up flaws facing the camera, but using all the gorgeous body which Silvia Saint has been gifted with, there is no explanation for her to do anything which could draw your eyes away from her natural elegance and photogenic sexual appeal.

She adorned her skin using a single tattoo and though she had a stomach ring for a limited while, she immediately ditched body jewellery too.
Her vintage blonde hair and blue eye appearance confuses some novices into believing she is Dutch or Korean, but the truth is that Silvia Saint was created from the Czech Republic.

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