Asian Smoking Fetish

Asian Smoking Fetish

The Asian smoking fetish has become increasingly popular not only in the Arab countries but also in other parts of the world.

Many men will get sexually stimulated by watching an Asian girl smoke, especially something called “shisha/hookah”. Could that have a correlation with the smoking of shisha, which has become the new trend among the millennial girls worldwide?

Have you ever realized that there is almost no night club, bar or any other adult joint that does not offer shisha nowadays?

While many girls, especially under 30, smoke this stuff or the usual cigarette to keep up with the trend,  a significant portion does so to look sluttish so as to attract men.

These are very smart and sharp women who have realized that there is a growing category of males out there who get turned on by smoking girls.

Asian Girl Smoking

How the Asian Smoking Fetish Is Done

Men who get turned on by seeing Asian girls smoking normally begin by signing up with a relevant site and searching for a hot Asian model to help satiate their fetish.

There are many incredible websites for watching Asian porn smokers in live action or video, some of which we will have a look at in a brief.

Once they find their favorite model, they will then choose between a live cam or video to get sexual pleasure from watching the girl doing her thing.

Most Asian smoke porn models offer live cams and videos at varying rates, depending on the service that is offered and duration.

For instance, they will charge more for live cams than videos. Plus, the longer the cam or video, the more one will have to pay.

Why You Have An Asian Smoking Fetish

Top Asian Porn Sites for People with a Smoking Fetish

Now that you know how the smoking fetish is done, it helps to familiarize yourself with a few top websites for the Asian smoking fetish.

Below are the top 5 Asian porn websites for people who get sexually stimulated by watching smoking Asian girls:

1. JapanHDV

If you are in Japan, this is a must-check-out Asian porn website with plenty of gorgeous smoking models.

Here you will be able to watch live cams and uncensored videos of smoking fetish shows. Plus, there are other categories of sexual performances, including fingering, blowjob, couples, threesomes, groupies, vaginal sex, anal sex, etc.

Nevertheless, there are all types of beautiful Asian models here, including the innocent housewife, the successful career woman, the role model teacher, the dirty whore and more. The technical aspects you will love include user-friendly interface with easy navigation, higher page load speeds, and zero bugs.

Plus, all contents are in ultra-high definition. This is a significant deviation from the majority of Asian porn sites out there that have always featured complex interfaces with lots of bugs, leading to unpleasant user experience generally.

2. JavHD

JavHD is a very serious Asian porn site for smoking and other types of fetishes. The popular Asian smoking fetish website boasts thousands of profiles of gorgeous Asian models with a smoking hobby.

Nevertheless, the women are of all shapes and sizes from petite and medium-sized to curvy and plus-size.

So, no matter what shape you prefer for a woman, you can be confident that you are catered for here.

A primary advantage is that the website makes it much easier to find your ideal model, thanks to the filter feature, which allows you to sort out search results by parameters.

The parameters include relevance, date, duration, and type(straight, lesbian and shemale).

The quality of the videos is another plus for this top-rated site for Asian porn smokers.

All videos are in the resolutions of between 360p and 1080p, with the latter for the majority of them.

Asian Teen Smoking

3. Asian Sex Queens

Asian Sex Queens offer their services in six different languages i.e English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian.

Their girls come in all shapes and sizes, including skinny, petite, curvy and plus-size. Plus, the smoking models have different sexual orientations ranging from straight and lesbian to shemale and bi-sex.

Nevertheless, they offer different types of sexual shows, including vaginal penetration, anal penetration, oral, blow job, masturbation, etc.

It goes without saying that some girls are dominatrix while others submissive and it is all about your preference.

When it comes to the technical side of things, the side is quite easy to navigate and the videos are in impeccable resolutions. Plus, you can watch the videos absolutely free without having to sign up.

You will only need to sign up and pay if you want a smoking fetish session with a model on live cam.

4. Little Asians

This is an exclusive Asian smoking fetish website with pretty gorgeous models. Here, you will find all types of girls including teens who have hit the age of consent, young adult women, older women, corporate women, etc.

Plus, all manner of erotic smoking fetish shows is offered here, including regular sex, annal sex, masturbation, threesome, and etc.

The videos can be watched and downloaded for free, though you will need to first sign up to be able to download a video.

Live cam smoking fetishes are not free though.


XNXX wraps up my list of top 5 websites with Asian porn smokers.

This top-rated Asian porn website boasts thousands of profiles of models who are ready to satisfy your smoking fetish. What you will love about the site is the fact that it features cam girls from all races and not just Asian women.

You can watch all manner of sex here, including threesomes, lesbian, anal, etc.

What makes the site stand out is the fact that it does not feature too many ads, hence ensuring a greater user experience.

Is Asians Smoking For You?

Watching a beautiful Asian girl perform sexual acts while smoking, on camera, can be a major fetish for many men.

If that includes you, be sure to check out each of these top-rated Asia porn sites with smoking models. Trust me, your fetish will be fully satisfied even for free.

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