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Daisy Taylor was born on February the nineteenth in 1991, in London,  England, in the middle of the so-called ‘Millennial generation’.

We might not know the exact time that she was born, but it was on a Tuesday. This day is associated with ambitious people who have the zeal and power to achieve. She was in the ’90s. This is the decade that saw the rise of the internet and technology.

She was confident in herself. Her parents’ names are not known at the moment. During her early days, she tried getting into the modeling world.

The Life Of Daisy Taylor

Daisy Taylor Snapchat and Social Media Accounts

Just like any other model, Daisy’s large fan base requires her to have some active social media accounts.

She has convinced the masses to follow her social media accounts.

Taylor has over one hundred and thirty thousand followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts her modeling pictures.

Taylor is also an active user of Snapchat. This  account is mostly used to highlight her day to day experiences and what she is mostly doing off the camera.

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She, therefore, has managed to amass a vast crowd to follow her and get to know what her day is like, especially her fans. On Twitter, she has more than one hundred thousand followers.

Here, she mainly engages with fans and friends. She recently acknowledged that she had six nominations at the upcoming erotica awards.

Taylor’s Biography

Daisy Taylor is a twenty-eight-year-old model and pornstar who, together with Rosie Jones, signed with Samantha Bond management.

She has graced the ZOO cover several times.

Daisy Taylor’s zodiac sign is Pisces. Their ruling planet is Neptune. People born under the zodiac of Pisces are known to be very friendly.

This contributes primarily to them finding themselves in the company of different people. Also, people of this Pisces sign love sleeping, romance, and they also dislike people who know it all. They are dreamers and even mystic of the zodiac.

Most of the Pisces have their lives filled with fantasy, wonder, and magic. They can also be unrealistic, self-pitying, codependent, and intuitive. Their highest compatibility is the Taurus and Virgo.

The year that she was born is called the year of the Goat. This is the eighth year in the twelve-year cycle of animals, according to the Chinese zodiac, which is related to the Chinese calendar. People born in this year are known to be stable, shy, mild-mannered, sympathetic, gentle, and also known to have a strong sense of justice.

Another thing to note about Daisy is that her birthstone is Amethyst and her birth flower is the violet, or Iris. Amethyst is a symbol that signifies strong relationships and courage, as well. There was even a time when only royalties were allowed to wear the precious gem. Violet, on the other hand, symbolizes faith, courage, valued friendships, hope, passion, and wisdom.

It is believed that she started her modeling career in 2010. She is also married. Her maiden name is Watts. However, as many celebrities do, Daisy Taylor has kept most of her personal life private.

Taylor in porn

Daisy’s Porn Life and Career

She is one of the wealthiest models to be born in England. Her estimated net worth is approximated to be between one million dollars and five million dollars.

Her annual salary is still under review.

Her primary income source is from her modeling career, as well as her porn filming career. On pornhub, she ranks position three hundred and seven on the pornstar rank. DAISY TAYLOR’S VIDEOS over twenty-six million views. Her verified Pornhub account has around eighty thousand subscribers. Her profile views have over four million views.

Daisy Taylor’s life path number is five. This is the life path number that represents the ‘Free Spirit,’ and those who walk in it have an ability to understand metaphysical teachings as well as the most profound esoteric teachings.

It turns mystical into the normal. The values of this path are movement, adventure, and change. However, their most significant challenge is finding a daily structure that will work for them.

Daisy Taylor has had a glittering career and is still striving to achieve more. The twenty-eight year old still believes she has a long way to go.