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Sienna Grace being socially known as an adult entertainer was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, on January 23rd 1989.

She was naturally born a man but mentally knew that he now she wanted to be herself. Sienna always had a sexual mislead, and end up losing her virginity at age 16 to a 21 year old transsexual, believed to be graces partner.

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Sienna Grace lived a rough life.

Both enduring her first transgender love being traggicly murdered and her family disagreeing with her true identity, she couldn’t bare but to cope using drugs which led to overusing and overdosing numerous times.

During one of those episodes, graces, was suddenly in a life threatening situation where she was literally fighting for her life.

Fighting with her identity grace finally came to a conclusion with her life and took full control over it. She began taking hormone pills and realized that life was too precious to not live a life of her own.

She knew during her childhood age that she was set up for failure and had to pretend to be someone she wasn’t. Grace took her life into her own hands and began living her best life. The moment she took her first hormone pill she made the right decision, no doubt.

Sienna Grace on Snapchat

Becoming A Transsexual

At 23 years of age Sienna began her transitional process on becoming a full woman. Now being in the adult film industry, she expresses how happy she is that she made the decision to become an adult actor because doing this boosted her confidence up tremendously.

Being a porn viewer for many years inspired her to become a star during her transitional process. Dreaming, enduring, and working on the body she always wanted her dreams finally fell through.

Knowing her purpose in life she began to thrive in her newly founded career. With life having its ups, downs, pros and cons, one of siennas’ cons was dealing with psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a genetic skin condition formed like a rash like patch on the skin. Sienna has been dealing with this skin disorder for the past six years and did not know if she could make a career out of porn. Dealing with flare ups makes it extremely hard for sienna to shoot for photos or footage.

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The Porn Life

As she deals with the downfall of her career she absolutely doesn’t let her skin condition get in the way of her dreams.

Although sienna has a skin condition that is hard to keep under control, producers and photographers still gave her a chance to shoot and surprisingly did well in her first year in the industry.

From Film to the social world, sienna worked her way up to become a known actress in the industry. She is on most social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, gmail, instagram, Tgirls XXX, Grooby Girls, Chaturbate,, and much more known and unknown sites.