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Smoking Fetish

Smoking fetish is a type of sexual fetish associated with pulmonary smoking of tobacco. Being a fetish, the activity of smoking results to sexual arousal from observing or imagining someone smoking.

Fetishim means that everyone has a different way of achieving their sexual arousal , some people might be turned on by the simplest fact as the size of the size of the hair while for smoking fetish, it is the fantasy of someone else smoking that you on.

Smoking fetish has no treatment record and there have been no research made. Research suggest that it is possible that people with smoking fetish might be living happily with it and therefor feel no need to seek medical attention

The things that turn men on sexually can vary from one man to another.

For some, it can be a thick, round butt that shakes like jelly when spanked or being banged.

For others, it can be the sight of a smoking porn model. The latter is known as a smoking fetish or capnolagnia.

Do You Have A Smoking Fetish?

Do you have a smoking fetish? If so, there are plenty of ways in which you can get to have the fetish satiated.

One of them is to reach out to smoking models online.

Before introducing some of the top-rated models on the internet, right now, there are a few facts about the smoking fetish, we would like to share:

A smoking fetish is not necessarily for men who smoke alone. Even men who do not smoke can have it.

• This fetish can be much easier to achieve compared to other fetishes like Urophilia, where those with this fetish get sexually aroused by peeing on others. Not so many porn girls are open to the idea of being peed on, remember!

• Smoking, just like any other type of fetish, is not a condition. You are perfectly normal and ok, despite the fact that the sight of a smoking woman gives you a strong desire for sex.

• The number of people with a smoking fetish is actually higher than you realize. According to statistics, one in ten men has a smoking fetish.

• Even many girls who do not smoke will say yes to satisfying your smoking fetish, as long as you agree to pay a higher price. So, when searching on a smoking porn site like Smoking Sweeties, you do not necessarily have to limit your search to smoking models alone.

• Girls who smoke are generally fun in bed compared to their non-smoker counterparts. Many of them do not have to deal with hang-ups, making them more adventurous and willing to explore. So, if you have a smoking fetish, you can always look forward to more rewarding sex.

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Top Smoking Fetish Models Online

While there are thousands of pornstars that smoke, online, here are the top stars that seem to attract the attention of many guys:

1. Jayden Star

Jayden Star is a beautiful, plus-size smoking porn star of African American origin who is extremely popular both nationally and internationally.

The big-booty smoking model is known for her enticing, massive curves that are super hard to resist.

Miss Star was born in Los Angeles and what many do not know is that she actually graduated from California State University with a degree in phlebotomy.

The 31-year-old sex star has stated in many interviews that she actually holds a phlebotomy license and therefore would be practicing medicine if not entertaining adults.

While miss star had originally only intended to pose as a nude model but, after she posted some casting pictures online, she received many messages about shooting porn productions.

The smoking beauty was actually invited to a porn set and she enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to shoot her first ever sex scene.

She would later pursue a career in the pornographic industry since 2010. Miss Star has featured in several blue-movies including Black Mommas(2008), Black Hear(2012), and Daddy Knows Best(2015).

2. Mia Melano

Mia Melano is a well-known caucasian smoking porn actress who was born in Seattle, Washington.

The gorgeous model has been a rising talent in the porn industry since late 2018.

In a span of months, she has already attracted international attention, thanks to her seductive scenes in three top-rated adult movies; Blacked, Blacked Raw and Vixen.

The medium-sized model was also named as the current Vixen Angel in April 2019 and she continues to attract international attention with her erotic smoking videos.

Watch the space.

3. Sarina Valentina

Valentina features on the list of the top shemale pornstars of 2019 online.

Born in Philadelphia, the multi-award-winning shemale had always been a shy and introvert child, until a few years later when she transitioned from a boy to a girl.

That is when she discovered her dormant wild side and fell in love with the cameras.

Among her top interests include smoking, camming, fulfilling the smoking fetish for viewers and acting. Today, Valentina is one of the most watched pornstars online by viewers with smoking fetish.

She has done a couple of free smoking videos that can be watched online. Plus, the model has featured in numerous award-winning blue-movies movies, including “Grooby Girls”(2007), She-Male X 3, and Forbidden Lovers.

She has also won many prestigious Transgender Erotica Awards, including “Best Single Model”(2011), and “Best Web Girl of the Year”(2011/12/13/14).

4. Allie James

Allie James is a New-York-born Caucasian porn star with a significant online following.

The smoking fetish blond is rated for her medium-sized body with an hourglass shape, cute blue/green eyes and tongue piercing.

Since 2011, miss James has been thrilling smoking fetish fans with her erotic videos and cam shows, which many viewers find to help satiate their fetish.

The multi-tattooed blonde has also featured in raunchy scenes of various adult movies, including For Rent(2012), I Know That Girl(2012), The Training of O(2013) and Sex & Submission(2013).

In addition, she has received multiple prestigious nominations such as “Gang Banged Princess of the Year“, “Most Underrated Star” and “Best New Starlet” at the Nightmoves, Fannys, and Spank Bank Awards.

Pornstar Smoking

A Smoking Fetish Is Normal

A smoking fetish is one of the most popular fetishes not only for men but also women.

If you have it, it is easy to fulfill it, thanks to many beautiful porn models out there who offer incredible smoking fetish performances.

You can start by checking out the videos of these 4 top smoking porn actresses online. Most of them offer both free smoking videos and paid ones to cater to all viewers regardless of budget. With that said, I wish you success in finding a complete satisfaction and fulfillment for your fetish.

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