Mia Khalifa Snapchat Username

Mia Khalifa Snapchat Username

Few stars experience meteoric rises to the top as that of Mia Khalifa.

Her body arouses so many, and her beauty defies words.

One part sweet and innocent, with a smile that weakens knees and her trademark glasses that completes the picture perfectly.

Another part seductive and full of passion, at ease stroking large cocks to completion.

She appeals on multiple levels, and the reason for her popularity is quite clear.

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Mia Khalifa Snapchat Username

Mia Khalifa is one of the snapchat usernames you need to add if you like naughty and lewd content.

She has been searched for millions of times on Pornhub, and Snapchat is her go to app for sharing all her latest content for her fans and followers.

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Mia’s Early Life

Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1993, Mia moved with her family to the United States in.

She grew up in a conservative, Catholic family, but states she is not an active practitioner with the church. Her middle-eastern heritage and darker skin tone made her a target of bullying, especially in the period after the September 11 attacks.

This fuelled her feeling of low self-esteem, plaguing her even well into her pornographic career.

Mia later moved to Texas and attended the University of Texas at El Paso, earning a degree in history.

As a student, she worked as a bartender and did some minor modeling work before moving to Miami, Florida aftyer graduation.

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The Rise of a Star

While on a walk in Miami, Mia was approached by an adult film recruiter, who offered her a role in an upcoming adult movie.

Even after a breast augmentation procedure when she was 21 years old, she still experienced bouts of low self-esteem, dating back to her adolescence.

After a couple of weeks considering the offer to appear in a porn scene, she decided to take the first step into her film career.

In an interview with Lance Armstrong for his podcast, she described her initial experiences as a combination of guilt, shame, along with temporary validation.

The nerve wracking experience left feelings of regret, but the stage was set for her rise. Although these feelings would never abate, even amid her popularity.

Soon, the internet would be afire with scenes of her sexual prowess on full display. She quickly became a fan favorite and internet sensation.

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Controversy Mia Claimed Lead To Death Threats

A threesome filmed with Mia wearing an Islamic hijab for Bang Bros thrust her into the spotlight.

This scene sparked outrage in Islamic communities. Even in Lebanon, her homeland, she was subject of scorn and outrage.

The infamous scene proliferated quickly across the internet, causing Mia to receive multiple death threats.

People claimed she brought disgrace to the nation of Lebanon and insulted Islam.

Mia felt she was scapegoated for internet censorship in Lebanon, and argued that her actions were more decent when compared to the current treatment of Lebanese women.

Throughout this controversy, searches for Mia soared. Mia was the number one ranked performer on PornHub, and was the most searched for performer on multiple porn related sites. Without a doubt, her performances were noteworthy.

With the extra attention, her popularity skyrocketed.

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Was This The End Of Mia?

She continued to film despite the death threats, much to the delight of her rapidly growing fan base.

She filmed scenes with Bang Bros and Scoreland, and also filmed original content for her own web site. By January, 2015, she signed a long-term contract with Bang Bros.

During this time, searches for her continued to rise, especially in her native Lebanon, along with surrounding Syria and Jordan.

She was controversial, but also an immense point of curiosity.

Being a target of Islamic group death threats, along with her unyielding sense of regret for beginning her porn career, she decided to end it after just three months, having never come to terms with her popularity as a porn star.

Although her time as an active porn star ended almost as quickly as it began, her legacy endures. Searches for her image and videos continue to be very popular, even after her film career ended.

After Porn

Mia quickly found work after leaving the porn industry.

Positions as a paralegal and bookkeeper did not pan out, as she was easily recognized, always creating distractions.

She stayed from social media for several months, and eventually moved to Austin, Texas.

After settling, Mia engaged in significant rebranding efforts on her social media accounts.

Khalifa Rebirth

Mia embraced her notoriety and fame and rededicated herself to establishing multiple social media endeavors. Although she regretted her decision to enter the adult film industry, she embraced her experiences and decided to capitalize on her fame.

On her website, fans can still purchase unedited clips and scenes, and she continued working as a webcam model.

Unlike many who encounter sharp rises to fame, she prospered and grew new levels of stardom in different mediums and in multiple endeavors.

Combining her love of sports, along with her social media presence, Mia co-hosted Out of Bounds along with former NBA player Gilbert Arenas.

Mia then moved onto SportsBall, co-hosting with Tyler Coe, which premiered in July, 2018. Each of these programs consist of sports commentary from a different point of view.

In between her commentating efforts, she partnered with TwitchTV and regularly hosts cooking shows and commentates on NBA cheerleading.

She has business ventures aligned with Patreon subscriptions and posts multiple videos on her YouTube channel.

Although her image will always be linked her sexual adventures as a porn star, her more recent endeavors showcase her talent for connecting to people and creating new bases of fans.

Clearly not just an empowered woman in adult films, Mia is emerging as a modern day renaissance woman. Someone multifaceted and talented. Always busy and being creative.

Personal Life

Mia married her high school sweetheart in 2011, but later divorced in 2016. A sports fan, Mia is an avid follower of the Washington Redskins, Washington Wizards, and Washington Capitals. She also supports the West Ham United football club in the English Premiere League.

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