Why Watching Shemale Smoking Is Hot

sexy shemale smoking

Have you ever watched shemale porn mixed with the romance of the shemale smoking? Or perhaps the mellow soprano of a ts, beckoning for a deep thrust?

transsexual porn is amazing but with a little chit-chat with cigarettes included, the mood can be so set that you feel the aroma of the wild sex even before it starts.

Tgirls smoking makes the scene even more real. A good man turning into a sissy who aches for a good time. It also adds that nasty feeling for a good time.


It is like just the emotive moana during the act that makes it more fantastic. Another trick is how it is a cliffhanger of awaiting ecstasy, you just cannot wait for it to start, the smoking serves as a seductive suspense.

I swear ladyboy smoking can make you have the wildest of fantasies, just look at the video below of this beautiful trans goddess


Another flavour to good shemale porn is the activities before the real act. The forced beautiful soprano to match the well applied make up.

Plus to just whet the appetite for good sex. One thing about tgirl chat is that it makes things get obscene as they should. You will be unlucky if the lady boy does not start cat-walking seductively as she drains down a cigarette or talks, turning you into a sissy smoker.

This can surely make your banks explode. I have seen hard drilling in some porn but the thing of a shemale or crossdresser smoking is on a level of its own.

Shemale sex is itself something rare and oh dear, a crossdresser smoking fetish makes it something we want to hold to so much lest it becomes extinct.

Bailey Jay Smoking

Watch A Crossdresser Smoking Is Just As Hot

Crossdresser smoking suspense is a love to many guys. Erotic smoking with making of sexy faces during the act can easily help you with your erection. As I said before, the aroma of cherry red lips henna or lipstick, a long glossy hair looks to stem from the smoke of a crossdresser, and sometimes during pushing the smoke outside, those lips are curled in a way that you feel like kissing your screen while watching, whatever you get the tantalising porn from.

Smoking before sex is hot too and attention buying. It is one thing when a mature trans girl smokes and when she does not.

Smoking makes my mind understand that the riding in the porn is going to be hot just like the burning end of the cigarette.

Plus ladyboys have a way of holding the little corky cigarette and give it an oral thing.

trans posing while smoking

Then the deep inhaling that just keeps you on check. You might even moan yourself.

A porn preceded by a sissy smoking is like giving you a tantalising trailer of a hot movie. I mean, a transsexual who smokes is likely to drive someone into skies of wetness and bang like it was the last time.

These trans girls turn themselves into sexy whores who just want to make someone bite their lower lips and moan. Sweet cheese, crossdresser smoking definitely has a way of spicing the scene and making things sexy.

Why watching shemales smoke is hot

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