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Everybody knows that social media is a big thing now days, especially Snapchat, just about everyone has got a social account on one platform or another, and this is most certainly the case if you are on screen talent such as an adult performer.

When it comes to following users on social media, we like to follow the people whos content we love, thats why its always a good idea to be following a few pornstars, especially when it comes to the Snapchat platform.

Pornstars love to post on Snapchat throughout the day, and the reason that their content is always fresh and sexy is because they love to gather as many followers as possible to add to their fan base.

One thing for sure is, that no matter which pornstars you are following, you will never get bored of seeing their sexy snaps and their flirtatious sexting ways.

There is all different types of users to follow in the adult industry, from teens to milfs, and females to shemales, there really is someone for everyone.

Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are amongst the most popular and the most used platforms that people tend to turn to and use when it comes to having a social presence online.

Of course you can follow these adult stars on different social media platforms as well, but its Snapchat where they seem to post the most, as its more easy and flexible to pull out their phone, press a couple of buttons and have thousands of people viewing their content easily.

Snapchat is the main social media that adult stars tend to use, because of its simple and mobile design, people can post disappearing pictures and videos, the app also allows the poster to see if anyone has secretly tried to save the pictures or videos posts. This is very handy when someone in the adult business wants to give a teaser but does not want anyone to save it and pass it on.

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What Type of Content Do Pornstars Post on Snapchat?

This is a good question when it comes to the type of content that these adult entertainers post.

Those that are retired from the industry tend to post less explicit material, yet those that are in their prime like to post x-rated content as much as possible to keep their fans happy and wanting more.

That isnt to say that you shouldn't add those that are retired, some still like to entertain their loyal fans with the odd nude Snapchat picture or sexy video.

Dirty Snapchat Stories

On set and on social media is where pornstars like to get dirty and up close and personal with their fans and followers.

If you are following more than 5 pornstars, the chances are you see dirty snapchat stories daily, and that is what makes the app so exciting.

Its always good to reply to the dirty Snapchats, as you never know, the pornstar may reply and next thing you know, you are interacting with someone that you have only ever watched in porn movies.

dirty snapchat stories

Which Pornstar Snapchat Username Should I Add?

Well, this question will differ from person to person, in the adult industry there is many different types of genres and specific pornstars that perform in these types of scenes.

If you like the more mature lady, then the chances are you would want to be following MILF pornstars such as Lisa Ann that have been in the industry for many years, these women are very experienced and know all the right ways to keep their Snapchat story spiced up for their viewers.

Maybe you are more into ebony porn, so, in this case you would be adding active black pornstars on Snapchat.

Snapchat Nudes

This is another reason that many of us Snapchat users use the platform, and that is to send, receive and view nude snaps and videos.

There is no shortage of people that are willing to accept your friend request and trade nudes with you, with pornstars being at the top of that list.

If there is one thing that pornstars love, its attention, and what better what to get attention that to show off your naked body on social media.

There is no doubt that whichever adult entertainer you decide to add to Snapchat, you will see them nude on the platform at least once a week, and thats nothing to complain about.

The pictures sharing app is notoriously known as the "sexting app" among teens and the younger generation, and it seems that pornstars are taking over the space at a rapidly pace.

The New Pussy Selfie Trend

Every week there seems to be a new trend that is happening on social media between teens and younger people, but this one however, is one that we cant complain about and one that people of all ages are joining in with.

This trend is called "Pussy Selfie". The aim of the trend is for females to post their vagina (pussy) on Snapchat and see how many screenshots they get, and how much it is rated out of 10 by their viewers.

This new trend has taken off fast within the adult industry, with pornstars from all over the world and of all ages joining in, I guess its something they are used to by now anyway.

Do you think you have what it takes to start rating vaginas? (im sure you do) then start adding these females now and join in on the pussy selfie challenge.

Snapchat Porn and Sexting

Online porn is still massive, and everybody is watching it and now days its a normal thing to do when browsing the internet.

Social media adult content is becoming increasingly more popular as time goes on and more people are beginning to loosen up when it comes to lewd content, this is especially true when it comes to Snapchat porn.

A lot of people, mainly teens, are using the social platform Snapchat for sexing and other sexual purposes, such as sending sexy and nude pictures or videos, because the images, videos and text disappear after they have been viewed, leaving no trace of of what just happened.

But it is not just pornstars that are into Snapchat porn, it's also your every day users, the girl next door.

You have probably seen this first hand If you are an avid user of the app, you are most likely to be following someone that likes to post lewd content or very borderline pictures and videos.

sexting on snapchat

Best Porn Snapchat Usernames

We like to pride ourselves in supplying only the top and best Pornstar Snapchat usernames available to add today.

We add new usernames every day, and only supply those that are still active and real, those that love to post porn and keep their fan base entertained.

You need to spice up your friends list by adding a few of these girls, start sexting with them and before you know it you will be sending Snapchat porn to each other on a daily basis.

One thing is for sure, if you search for a popular porn star on any of the popular social media platforms you will see they have thousands (some even millions) of followers, so it is very important that the performers keep posting and performing to get their follower count up. The more followers they have, the more people they can reach.

Finding a porn star to add on snapchat is fairly easy, you can find most porn stars from our website, or you can simply search their name followed by “Snapchat” or you can search on