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Johanna Jussinniemi, popularly known as ‘Puma Swede” is a Swedish feature dancer, webcam model, and pornography actress.

Born in 1976 in Stockholm, Sweden, the 43-year old actress has featured in more than 200 movies since 2005, all related to adult pornography.

Some of the movies she is best known for include; 2 Chicks Same Time(2008), Bang Bus 31(2010), Big Boob Blondes(2011) and Tempted by Mommy 7(New 2018).

Puma Swede Snapchat Username

Swede is in almost every social media platform that you know.

For example, she is present in Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where she has tens of thousands of followers.

Of all these platforms, she is more active on Snapchat. Below are her Snapchat username and other social media handles

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Puma Swede’s Early and Present Life

From this bio, you will get to know Puma Swede more, by reading about her personal life, education, career, and other personal details that are hardly available online.

In her early years, Puma Swede was just a normal girl i.e not shy nor too confident, she was just in between there.

She loved painting and going to school and was able to study up to high school level. After graduating from high school with outstanding grades, she decided to seek work rather than to further her studies.

She wanted to fend for herself and to relieve her parents of that responsibility. That wasn’t because they weren’t able to carry it, but it was because she wanted to be an independent person.

Puma Swede Career & Achievements

After obtaining a residency status in the US in 2004, Puma found her first work as a computer sales representative. But she later on moved on to become a feature dancer and glamor model.

That’s because she had grown bored with her career path and didn’t want to spend her life doing a job she did not like.

After trying her hand at glamour modeling and finding it much more fulfilling than her previous sales job, she decided to take it up full time.

At the age of 28, Swede would venture into the adult film industry. In 2004, she took part in two short pornographic videos and a TV series namely; Cluster Bang(as Puma), Carnival of Desires(as Johanna) and MILF Lessons, respectively.

All those releases were major hits, setting the stage for her to establish a successful career in the pornographic industry.

Since then, she has actively participated in films and TV series until 2018.

It goes without saying that Swede’s work in the porn industry has seen her receive several nominations throughout the course of her career. In 2009, for example, she was nominated for two different awards i.e. the AVN Award and the XBiz Award for Web Starlet of the Year and Web Babe/Starlet of the Year categories, respectively.

Swede has been living in the US since obtaining her residency status. However, she divides her time between the US, Sweden and other parts of the world, because she really loves traveling and visiting different countries. One country she has been to, and stayed there for up to three months, is Thailand.

Other Personal Details

  • Ethnicity–caucasian.
  • Height–tall(5′ 10”).
  • Body type–petite.
  • Breast size–large.
  • Hair color–blonde.
  • Eye color–black.
  • Best feature(s)–hair, eyes, boobs, and legs.
  • Birthday–13th September.
  • City of residence–Los Angeles, CA.
  • Zodiac sign–Capricon
  • Estimated current net worth–32 million.
  • Marital status–divorced.

Puma Swede’s Controversies

Puma Swede’s life, just like that of other celebrities, isn’t without controversies.

In 2007, she gave a helicopter pilot a blow job, prompting the FAA to launch an investigation after the video of that went viral online.

That’s all we have to share with you about Puma Swede.

At least you now have her Snapchat username, which you can use to reach out to her and hopefully get an instant reply from her. Without nothing more to add, good luck with it.